Understanding the electromagnetic impacts of a new transmission circuit

Client: AusNet Services
Location: Moorabool and Ballarat, Victoria, Australia
Date: January – February 2015

A factual assessment of electric and magnetic field (EMF) levels associated with a proposed transmission line upgrade using modelling, survey and analysis.


AusNet Services proposed to add a new 3-phase 220 kV power line circuit between the Moorabool and Ballarat substations, in addition to the existing transmission line arrangement comprising two circuits on separate towers. Due to the potential for community concerns regarding EMF levels and the requirements of local planning process, a study was commissioned to provide factual assessment.


Under this project, Entura was engaged to not only carryout the EMF study, but also prepare four separate a planning applications for development approval associated with the four council jurisdictions which the transmission line crossed.

At the scoping stage, Entura aimed to ensure that the study demonstrated clearly and transparently the impacts of the new circuit on existing EMF levels, by capturing existing background levels, verifying modelling accuracy, estimating the circuit impacts, and verifying the results once the new circuit was in place.

As the report formed part of a planning application for a public audience, Entura displayed and conveyed the results in terms which could be readily understood by non-specialist readers.


Entura’s experience in power transmission and distribution technologies and EMF assessment added value to the client from the scoping stage right through to reporting. Entura’s professional study and clear reporting of results built the public’s and client’s confidence in the safety and appropriateness of the development. The client provided positive feedback and the project is now in the final stages of development approval.