Cascade management - Rouna hydropower scheme, PNG

Client: Asian Development Bank
Location: Central Province, Papua New Guinea
Date: April 2013 – March 2015

Preparing a cascade management plan to promote greater access to safe, reliable, cost-effective, renewable energy in Papua New Guinea


Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea’s largest city, has a growing need for reliable, cost-effective power. A significant portion of its power is supplied from the hydropower stations in the Rouna scheme, with the remainder from high cost diesel generation.  A project to develop a cascade management plan for the Rouna hydropower scheme aimed to improve commercial and sustainable management of the scheme within accepted risk criteria, to minimise waste of water and maximise hydropower generation from existing power stations, and consequently minimise the use of costly diesel fuel.


Entura delivered a number of solutions in the Rouna cascade management project, which involved studying, modelling and supervising installation and commissioning of a hydrographic system and inflow forecasting/energy generation software.

Feasibility studies formed the biggest component of the consultancy, and included upgrading Sirinumu power station, Rouna 1, 3 and 4 power stations, exploring the potential for constructing a new power station (Rouna 5) and the potential for creating additional storages at or upstream of the Rouna 2 headworks.

We also undertook the studies associated with dam safety and catchment condition assessment, and provided dam safety training to PNG Power (PPL) staff.

The flood capacity of Sirinumu Dam was assessed and proposed spillway upgrade works were conceptually completed to ensure the required flood release capacity.


The Entura team spent many months in PNG and developed a first-hand understanding of the project challenges. Our local presence allowed us to offer training to the PPL staff working alongside us, and enabled direct contact with local stakeholders.

In addition to achieving the project’s key objectives, Entura ensured that all possibilities for maximising energy generation were fully considered. We also shared our significant asset-owner dam safety and operation expertise with PPL staff through interaction on site as well as through formal training.