TasNetworks – transmission line monitoring

Client: TasNetworks
Location: Tasmania
Date: 1997 – Ongoing

Providing dependable monitoring information for safe, efficient and reliable operation of transmission lines


TasNetworks owns and utilises a network of transmission line monitoring stations throughout Tasmania. These stations combine conventional weather station parameters such as wind speed and air temperature with solar radiation and transmission line tension.

The wind speed and air temperature parameters are used as inputs into the TRcalc (TasNetworks real-time transmission line rating system), which models conductor temperature to ensure that transmission lines are operated within their thermal and minimum clearance limits. Without this important monitoring information, the transmission lines must revert to conservative workbook ratings to prevent conductor damage and excessive sagging.

With Tasmania’s entry into the National Electricity Market, TasNetworks supplies transmission line power ratings to AEMO every minute to maximise power transmission in support of energy trading. Should weather information be unavailable the standard workbook values based on date and time of day must be provided to AEMO with a resultant significant drop in transmission line rating.


Because TasNetworks needs the best information to be able to make the right operational decisions to optimise its operation of the Tasmanian transmission network, it relies on Entura’s expertise in collecting, monitoring and managing complex data. Entura has been providing calibration, servicing and fault rectification for the monitoring stations in the Tasmanian transmission network for more than 15 years to prevent de-rating of the transmission system or damage to transmission line infrastructure.


Entura’s contribution to the optimum performance of the transmission monitoring stations ensures a consistent flow of dependable information to TasNetworks, to enable it to operate the transmission system with maximum capacity, efficiency and safety, for a reliable and cost-effective power network.