Thursday Island – wind farm feasibility study

Client: Ergon Energy
Location: Queensland, Australia
Date: February 2012 – May 2013

Exploring the feasibility of a wind farm to provide a renewable energy solution to power an off-grid island


Thursday Island sits in the Torres Strait, just off the northern tip of Queensland. Since 1997, its power had been supplied by two 225 kW wind turbines, but these had reached the end of their lives and needed replacement. Ergon Energy turned to Entura to explore options for replacement and supplementation of the wind turbines to provide a reliable and cost-effective renewable energy supply for the off-grid island.


Entura conducted a stakeholder management exercise to assess community attitudes to replacement of the turbines. Planning research was undertaken to assess the options for replacement of the turbines, and the possibility of adding extra turbines. Entura investigated the wind resource for Thursday Island and considered the technical options for turbines. Finally, all findings were collated into a business case, including discounted cash flow alternatives for each of four sites and three types of turbines at each site.


Ergon Energy is currently considering the options presented by Entura for replacement and enhancement of Thursday Island’s power generation system.

Entura’s wide range of expertise enabled comprehensive and cohesive recommendations taking into account the full spectrum of technical and non-technical aspects of the project – from costs of planning, site access, construction and operations, to technical assessments and optimisation of energy yield, as well as stakeholder management, planning requirements, and environmental investigations.