Bango Wind Farm

Client: Squadron Energy
Location: Yass, New South Wales
Date: February 2019 - ongoing

Completing grid connection studies and connection application support for a 244 MW wind farm in New South Wales


Bango Wind Farm is located approximately 30km north of Yass in New South Wales. It comprises 46 turbines spread across two sites, called Bango Wind Farm 999 and Bango Wind Farm 973. The project is the first globally to utilise 5.3 MW GE Cypress turbines, with 16 allocated to site 999 and 30 to site 973.

The wind farms connect to the NSW electricity grid via transmission lines TL973 and TL999, between Yass and Cowra.  


Entura was engaged by Squadron Energy to complete grid connection studies and connection application support for both wind farms.

The connection application requirements have become more rigorous due to an update to the Australian National Electricity Rules (NER), which posed a challenge to the way we approached the task.

Extensive modelling work was required for the projects, as the two sites were considered separate applications. Working with the new Cypress turbine platform also meant that project requirements shifted frequently, as did model updates.  

To overcome these challenges, we adapted our delivery mechanisms to suit model updates and provided smaller deliverables as part of the overall package.

Entura completed many network-wide PSSE/e and single machine infinite bus (PSCAD and PSS/e) simulations as part of the application. This provided robust and extensive supportive evidence of the ability of both farms to connect and meet NER requirements.

Services provided

  • grid connection application
  • technical support
  • GPS negotiation support
  • system-wide modelling 
  • wind integration modelling


Entura’s contribution to the connection application helped pave the way for the Australian Energy Market Operator and Transgrid to grant permission to Squadron Energy to connect Bango Wind Farm 973 and 999 to the grid. Both projects are now operational.

When completed, the wind farm will generate approximately 244 MW of energy to power 144 000 homes in NSW, making it the state’s third-largest wind farm.