Solar power

Utility-scale solar power is booming around the world but it comes with a range of challenges that must be overcome if a project is to be successful.

Entura has significant renewable energy development experience, from pre-feasibility right through to commissioning, optimising operations and asset management of off-grid power systems and utility-scale solar farms.

Our team works with you to overcome potential challenges when developing a solar project, helping to avoid pitfalls and maximising the success of your development. These challenges include community engagementgrid connectionplanning approvalsdesign, implementation and unlocking project financing.

Partnering with our clients, we have built a strong understanding of solar layout design optimisation, detailed electrical design, power system studies and grid connection issues.

We are increasingly called upon for smart integration of hybrid renewable energy generation, such as adding other generation sources and battery storage to optimise the generation profile or to provide frequency control ancillary services (FCAS). And for long-term storage, clients are turning to us for site selection and feasibility of pumped hydro energy storage.

We have also worked closely with investors to help them make informed decisions when investing in renewables and have assisted developers seeking project financing by preparing bankable yield estimations.

Entura has made important contributions to the solar industry in Australia through the development of innovative tools and techniques in solar resource monitoring and assessment such as urban solar resource mapping and large-scale solar atlases of Queensland and Victoria.

Our services include:

  • pre-feasibility and feasibility studies
  • resource monitoring and data collection
  • resource assessments and energy estimates
  • GIS and spatial solutions
  • solar technology assessments
  • community consultation
  • planning permits and environmental impact assessments
  • power system studies and grid connection compliance testing
  • solar DC and balance of plant design
  • operational support (performance ratio test)
  • options studies
  • technical due diligence
  • advisory services to prospective investors
  • owner’s engineer services
  • ECI and EPC design.