Entura Podcast

Welcome to ‘Behind the Scenes,’ the podcast where we delve into the diverse perspectives and backgrounds of the brilliant minds at Entura – one of the world’s most experienced power and water consulting firms.

The latest episode of Behind the Scenes has arrived. In this episode, we chat to Primary & Transmission Engineer, Gaby Tregurtha, about how her childhood shaped her career trajectory, the areas she dabbled in before deciding on engineering, and the dynamic nature of her role at Entura.

In our second episode of Entura’s Behind the Scenes, you’ll hear from Dave Gerke, our amazing Principal Civil Engineer. With over 30 years experience, Dave shares his career journey and insights along the way.

In this episode you’ll meet Sally – Senior Civil Engineer at Entura. Discover her journey to becoming a civil engineer, uncover the intricacies of her role, and explore what drives her.