Our Culture

The Entura Way is how we do things around here.

It articulates our strengths, how we work together and with our clients, what we value, and what we aspire to. This is what makes Entura a great place to work.


Our experience and technical expertise is matched by our ethical conduct. We always act with honesty and integrity.

Thinking outside the box and looking at different approaches to help our clients is second nature to us.

And we’re a fun team that loves celebrating success.


We’re confident to act because we’re empowered to be proactive, do things differently and deliver to our clients.

We know that with power comes responsibility. So we trust each other to do the right thing and we’re always accountable for our actions.


We work hard to achieve outstanding results for our clients. It’s about them.

To us, being client focused is being flexible, responsive and having a “can do” attitude to always deliver on our promises.


Working as a team, we share our knowledge and passion to innovate, create value and go further.

We collaborate with each other in a respectful and supportive environment.

And we value the diversity of our teams and clients.


We strive to be successful by doing what we’re passionate
about, delivering value to clients and benefits to communities.

We’re here to ensure the long term success of Entura. We do so with a commitment to sustainability, safety and work-life balance.

After all we’re also parents, siblings, partners and pet owners!



How Did The Entura Way Come About?

Building the Entura Way involved many people across our business in all teams and locations. This gives these words real power because they are the words we have chosen to describe the sort of business we want to be. They belong to us, the people of Entura.

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Disability Inclusion

Our disability inclusion commitment is outlined in our Disability Inclusion Action Plan 2020-2023 (PDFWord)

Our four goals are:

  • Create more opportunities for people with disability to engage with us.
  • Increase employment opportunities for people with disability.
  • Change community attitudes towards people with disability.
  • Create more inclusive systems and processes.