Dam safety

Ensuring dam safety is a key concern for any dam owner, as the consequences of failure can be extremely serious.

Because dam safety management is such a serious issue, it needs thorough and careful consideration and management. Developing and implementing compliant dam safety programs minimises commercial, social and environmental risks and ensures sustainable operations into the future.

A holistic approach to dam safety considers ways to reduce the likelihood of risks occurring, reduce the potential consequences if risks do occur, and explores ways to prioritise and balance the resources and actions needed to undertake the right dam safety works at the right time.

Entura’s expertise and depth of knowledge in the required elements of a successful dam safety program, through continuous improvement of Hydro Tasmania’s program over the past decades, provides peace of mind that the dam safety programs and advice we deliver are relevant and reliable.

We have operated a specialist dam safety unit since the early 1970s, and carried out extensive dam surveillance on all of Hydro Tasmania’s dams, as well as for numerous authorities throughout Australia. Through our participation in ICOLD and ANCOLD, the international and national committees on large dams, and through work we have carried out for the World Bank and other international organisations, Entura has been influential in forming the recognised requirements of a successful dam safety program.

Our comprehensive dam safety services include:

Dam safety training

To enable owners and managers of dam assets around the world to gain the necessary understanding, skills and competencies for modern dam management, Entura offers dam safety training programs that use a proven methodology and can be customised to meet your specific requirements.

The Entura clean energy and water institute delivers the training that our clients need, wherever they are. It collaborates with the Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok and Universiti Tenaga Nasional, Kuala Lumpur, to deliver specialised courses in the south and south-east Asian regions, customised to the specific requirements of our international dam engineering clients.