Dam design and construction

New dam infrastructure requires large investments of resources, and carries significant risk, so it’s important to get it right.

Designing and constructing safe, efficient, cost-effective and lasting dams that comply with all the relevant regulations and standards, and that minimise impacts on the environment and communities, calls for a special combination of technical expertise, risk management and innovative problem-solving.

Through our extensive dam engineering knowledge and experience, Entura has what is needed to get things right through every stage of the dam development process – from the very start at the feasibility stage, to the very end at the commissioning stage.


Entura’s experts provide assessment in all areas of dam feasibility – from survey, to yield estimation, environmental impact, and cost estimation. We use state-of-the-art technology, including the most advanced engineering survey and mapping facilities in Australia, to ensure our clients have the most accurate data available.

By integrating multiple disciplines into a single solution, we can offer you efficient and economical options that ensure the least possible impact on the environment by incorporating environmental risk mitigation measures into the design.

Our expert team is renowned for its innovative approach, and is recognised for successfully solving even the most complex and challenging problems. For example, we’ve developed such innovative and successful solutions as a spillway on the downstream face of a rockfill dam and a bi-directional fish lift to allow fish to travel both upstream and downstream.


Entura has undertaken detailed design for many of Australia’s key new dam projects over the last decade, including Paradise Dam, Wyaralong Dam and Bromelton Offstream Storage in Queensland, the Samson Brook Pipehead Dam in Western Australia, the Enlarged Cotter Dam in ACT, and the Meander Dam in Tasmania.

We’ve also been working to support clients around the globe, undertaking the design of a number of international hydropower projects over the last decade, including Chanju-I in India, Kota 2 in Malaysia and Neusberg in South Africa, all of which included the design of the headworks.

We have extensive experience delivering dam designs as a stand-alone design package, with a design and construct contract, or within an alliance.

Our services include:


Entura has the depth of experience, real-world understanding and expert capability to optimise your dam construction project.

We support clients with design and cost reviews, construction planning, river diversion strategies, resolution of construction difficulties, project management and environmental audits.

We have experience with several models for construction, making us an ideal partner whether you are a developer, asset manager or construction company.

Entura is recognised as an industry leader in concrete-faced rockfill dams and we continue to refine the design and construction methods accepted internationally for these dams. We also have extensive expertise in roller-compacted concrete, which is increasingly becoming the preferred method of constructing concrete dams faster and more cost-effectively.

Our services include: