Dams are important to life, providing water supply, irrigation for crops and power generation. But if a dam fails, causing devastating flooding downstream, the results can be catastrophic.

Through all the stages of the dam lifecycle – from feasibility and early planning, through design and construction, to upgrading of ageing dam assets – Entura has the expertise to help you ensure that your water assets are efficient, robust and safe, like ours.

As part of Hydro Tasmania, Australia’s largest renewable energy producer and water manager, we draw on more than 100 years of experience of planning, building, managing and maintaining the many dams of Tasmania’s hydroelectric power system. We continue to play an integral role in ensuring the safe and successful operation of these valuable assets.

We share our dam engineering knowledge with clients within Australia and around the world to find the right solutions for their new or existing dam assets – always prioritising the crucial considerations of dam safety and minimising risks.

By integrating our expertise across many disciplines, we help our clients design and develop new dams that are economical, efficient and safe, and that minimise impacts on the environment and communities. And we have extensive real-world insights to share with owners of ageing dam assets to increase dam performance, reliability and safety well into the future.

As well as providing consulting services covering the full lifecycle of water infrastructure assets including feasibility, design and construction of new dams, upgrades to existing dams and dam safety, we also deliver tailored training in dam safety and emergency response planning.

Our expertise in investigation, design, construction and operation includes a range of dam types: