We own. We operate. We consult. And that’s why we can help you ensure that your water assets are safe and efficient, like ours.

We work with customers across the Asia-Pacific region and Africa to help them improve the safety and performance of their dams, irrigation schemes, pipelines and pumping stations and to deliver innovative data monitoring, management and analysis solutions.

As part of Hydro Tasmania, Australia’s largest water manager, we are backed by more than 100 years of planning, building, managing and maintaining water assets.

Helping to manage the flow of 14 trillion litres of water through the Tasmanian system every year has given us unparalleled experience in water resource management and infrastructure planning, operations and maintenance.

Our team has gained a reputation for delivering high-quality catchment management services, using the latest technical tools.

Entura is recognised in the industry as a leader when it comes to concrete-faced rockfill dams and we continue to refine the design and construction methods accepted internationally for these dams. We also have extensive expertise in roller-compacted concrete, which is increasingly becoming the preferred method of constructing concrete dams faster and more cost-effectively.