Strategy and risk

Operational risk management

To minimise operational risks, you need to find the right balance between commercial operation and environmental and social needs.

Practical and effective management of power and water operations requires adherence to compliance requirements, asset maintenance, resource monitoring, data management and a range of land and water management activities.

At the same time, natural phenomena (such as floods, drought and fires) and human influences (including hydropower development, water supply and irrigation extraction) can place significant stress on environmental and social values.

We fully appreciate the importance of finding the right solution first time, to balance all the commercial, environmental and social considerations necessary to minimise risks and maintain the viability of operations.

As part of Hydro Tasmania, Australia’s largest renewable energy producer and water manager, Entura has considerable experience managing the balance between commercial operation and environmental and social needs. We understand a wide range of issues and have provided solutions to achieve compromises or, in many cases, discover win-win solutions for both the commercial operation and the environmental and social values associated with a project.

Our ongoing involvement in the operation and maintenance of major energy and water infrastructure position us well to provide valuable operational insights and practical management solutions for hydropower, water infrastructure and renewable energy operation.

Our services include: