Strategy and risk

Impact assessments and approvals

Undertaking environmental impact assessments and seeking approvals can be complicated and daunting, but the benefits of getting this right are significant.

Entura has extensive experience in preparing environmental impact assessments and management plans. We understand the pressures to minimise impact, design and construction costs and time frames. We understand regulators’ requirements, ensuring we reduce approval timeframes by getting it right the first time.

Our impact assessment activities have delivered benefits such as project approvals, stakeholder and community support and risk minimisation for a range of developments throughout Australia, the Asia-Pacific region and Africa, particularly on large-scale power generation and water infrastructure projects. We manage all environmental and social processes involved in the development of projects from site selection through to detailed surveys and submission of applications and permits.

Gaining approval to develop can be a challenging process, with many aspects that may need to be investigated, considered and managed. Regulators can require onerous compliance regimes or conditions to operate. Our experience ensures that our clients gain approval in a timely manner, with compliance obligations commensurate with the anticipated impacts and the relevant regulations.

Our expertise spans dam infrastructure and irrigation developments, wind farms, hydropower projects, water and gas pipelines, wave and tidal projects, substations and transmission lines.

Our comprehensive approach creates simplicity for complex projects, whatever your project type or location. We have experience in local, state and Commonwealth permit processes and environmental law in Australia, as well as experience in environmental and social legislation and permit requirements in southern Africa, south-east Asia and the Pacific.

Our services include: