Strategy and risk

Risk management and sustainability

Managing risks throughout the lifecycle of a project is fundamental to achieving viability and improving the overall project outcomes.

Benefits of effective risk management can include easier access to finance, better ability to anticipate and respond to stakeholder concerns, and avoidance of delays and problems through the project development pipeline.

Lack of attention to project risks, whether they be commercial, technical, environmental or social issues, can derail a project, affecting project finances and schedules, the environment and communities, and undermining a company’s reputation.

Managing risks is a critical part of the day-to-day management, operation and maintenance of our clients’ and our own power and water assets. We have a wealth of experience in risk management, utilising best-practice management systems and innovative data management solutions that we’ve developed ourselves to help minimise risk and increase certainty.

From development to operation, we can help you identify and minimise project risks while meeting environmental and social compliance obligations for power and water projects and maintaining community engagement.

Our experienced program managers deliver integrated ‘end-to-end’ solutions that ensure seamless transition of projects from one phase to the next and optimise the operation of assets. We are also well placed to perform independent peer review of other service providers to support the risk management needs of your business.