Strategy and risk

Data collection and monitoring

Collecting and monitoring data can be tricky, but spending time and effort to get your data collection system right will repay you with better data for better business.

When data collection and monitoring systems are working well, you can just concentrate on the data itself … and on using the data to help you react quickly and make good decisions to manage risks and get the best out of your operations.

To capture good-quality data, you need an appropriate site, fit-for-purpose instrumentation, accurate logging devices, and means to collect the logged data. Identifying and addressing these issues early will provide a secure foundation for collecting quality data for the long term.

As part of Hydro Tasmania, Australia’s largest renewable energy producer and water manager, Entura has had extensive hands-on experience capturing data from water and power assets. We’ve broadened that experience by working with clients around the world to assist them to acquire high-quality data. Our strong and capable technical team works closely with engineers and asset owners to offer streamlined, cost-effective solutions tailored to meet your day-to-day data needs.

We proudly design, build and test data collecting equipment on our premises prior to deployment, and we have developed templates for site installations and programming. This means that we can offer greater reliability, simpler installation, less field testing, and simpler maintenance scheduling – saving you time and money.

Our services include: