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Climate resilient project design

How can you build climate resilience into the design of your new projects, refurbishments or upgrades?

Considering the potential impacts of climate change – such as water availability and security, extreme climatic events and climate variability – in the project design phase allows you to build climate resilience into your new projects right from the start.

This includes assessing the susceptibility of the project area, alternative water supplies, asset design and location, future impacts to the environment and communities, and the operation and maintenance of your assets.

Thinking carefully about climate resilience may also identify where you need to refurbish or upgrade an existing asset before any impacts emerge that could undermine the future viability of your project or business.

When Entura designs projects, we consider both normal operating conditions for the asset and a range of scenarios that might arise.

Through scenario testing, we consider what extreme events may occur, the effects they may have, and what improvements could enhance how the asset and operators respond to such events.

Where possible, and cost permitting, we build in greater operational flexibility and safeguards to more easily deal with a range of situations. We back this flexibility with our commitment to ensuring that our designs are robust.

We have helped our clients throughout the Asia-Pacific region and southern Africa to build climate resilience into infrastructure projects across all aspects of design: civil, mechanical, electrical, hydrological, environmental and social.

Our services include: