Strategy and risk

Climate resilient operations

Operating water and energy businesses can act now to build climate resilience, and these actions make good sense for risk-proofing future operations.

Water and energy businesses are trying to understand the possible impacts of climate change and what actions can be taken to help mitigate them. Although the need to adapt may still seem some way off and full of uncertainties, it is possible to start building climate resilience into operations now.

Entura has partnered with clients around the world to help them build climate resilience into their operations. We start by understanding their business and how they operate, the risks to their current systems, and the kinds of additional risks that a changing climate could bring (such as changes to water availability and rainfall, drought, floods, storms, damage to assets and buildings, and social and environmental impacts).

Through understanding our clients’ vulnerabilities to climate impacts, we can help develop operational solutions that can build resilience for future changes in climate. We deliver solutions that are cost effective, practical and feasible, and can be incorporated into the design of existing maintenance, restoration or upgrade projects.

Our solutions are designed to enhance the long-term viability of water and energy businesses in a changing climate and marketplace, at the same time as maintaining or improving existing environmental and community values and safety standards.

As part of Hydro Tasmania, Australia’s largest renewable energy producer and water manager, we draw on our experience in helping increase the climate resilience of its operations.

Our involvement in modelling water availability under future climatic conditions has assisted Hydro Tasmania with generation planning and drought management, while our understanding of floods has contributed to dam safety upgrades and emergency planning.

And by assisting Hydro Tasmania to manage through the drought in 2015-16, Entura contributed to building climate resilience and operational flexibility into the operation of its storages and power stations. All of this experience creates the solid foundation of expertise that we bring to building climate resilience in our clients’ operations, wherever they are in the world.

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