Strategy and risk

Climate change analysis

Understanding the detail of how the climate might change in your region allows you to plan the right actions to manage climate-related risks and build resilience.

We investigate the impacts of climate change for clients throughout the Asia-Pacific region and southern Africa. Our particular expertise in understanding the effects of climate change on the water industry helps our clients understand the risks to their assets and operations.

Entura has a long record of research and investigation of the impacts of climate change on sustainable water yields, river flows and flooding. Our expertise has been recognised globally and we are regularly invited to present leading-edge research outcomes at international forums.

Entura was instrumental in modelling water availability for our home state of Tasmania, Australia, under current and future climate scenarios in CSIRO’s development of the first fine-scale climate and river system modelling for Tasmania (Climate Futures for Tasmania and the Tasmania Sustainable Yields project).

To evaluate impacts we have developed river system models that include hydroelectric systems, irrigation storages and offtakes, environmental flow requirements and water supplies for industry and towns.

We have also modelled the impacts of changes in inflows under future climate on hydroelectricity generation and water supplies, and have extensive experience in modelling the impacts of climate change on flood events to help build climate resilience into operations, emergency planning, catchment management and dam safety studies.

Our services include: