Wind power

Each wind farm is unique, with a set of very specific local challenges that go well beyond immediate technical issues such as choosing the appropriate technology.

For a wind farm to be successful it needs to provide an attractive commercial return, be expertly designed to make the most of the local wind resource, connect effectively to the grid and integrate with the electricity market, and satisfy important environmental and community considerations.

Entura can draw on more than 20 years of experience developing and delivering wind farms at the forefront of the industry in Australia. Around the world, we have been involved in more than 100 advanced and operational wind farm projects totalling over 20 000 MW in India, South Africa, Sri Lanka, China, the Philippines, New Zealand and the Pacific.

Working closely with our clients, we have built significant practical experience which will help you to overcome the challenges you may face during your wind farm project.

Our team can guide you through the full spectrum of activities in developing, constructing, commissioning and operating your wind farm. And we are increasingly called upon for smart integration of hybrid renewable energy generation, such as adding solar and storage into new or existing wind farms, to optimise the generation profile.

Our guidance extends well beyond a purely technical consultancy. Due to our connection with an owner/operator, we can offer you the benefit of our insights and experiences of negotiating major contracts and agreements, working with legal and commercial service providers, and supplying specialised technical services for EPC contractors.

We have also worked closely with investors to help them make informed decisions when investing in renewables and have assisted developers seeking project financing by preparing bankable yield estimations.

Our services include: