Transmission and distribution

A skilled approach to power transmission design and planning can maximise asset performance, save time and money, improve safety, and minimise community concerns and impacts.

To help our clients achieve these benefits, Entura takes a holistic view of the technical and non-technical aspects of transmission projects. We deliver expert designs and solutions that are safe, innovative, cost-effective, compliant with industry standards and statutory requirements, and friendly to communities and the environment.

Our multi-disciplinary team can support all phases and aspects of transmission projects from planning and approvals through to defining the route, designing the structure and line, and selecting conductors.  We routinely tackle complex line crossings and deviations, line uprating and line compliance checks.

Entura’s specialists in transmission and distribution engineering, structural engineering, GIS, environment, surveying, law, public consultation and economics can tailor a solution to your specific requirements.

Overhead transmission and distribution lines

From project feasibility through to asset recycling Entura can support you as you develop, maintain, expand and rebuild your infrastructure. We work closely with transmission and distribution companies to ensure assets are developed and operated effectively across their lifecycle.

Greenfield transmission and distribution lines

We can help you complete your project on time and within budget by solving the technical and non-technical challenges of developing new transmission and distribution assets.  We can help you develop specifications for turnkey transmission projects, and then support you through the tendering and construction phases to ensure the quality of the build and adherence to specifications and performance requirements.

Existing transmission and distribution assets

Do you know what the true capacity of your transmission and distribution assets is? Entura can help you identify the limits of your asset, and can offer solutions to utilise your asset at full capacity by exploring options for upgrading or uprating the transmission line, conducting lightning analysis to improve reliability, or considering conductor selection, asset evaluation and system studies.