Testing and commissioning

Detailed but efficient commissioning and testing can minimise expensive downtime due to planned or unplanned outages, keep your assets performing at their best, and offer you peace of mind that your people, customers and assets are protected from injury, damage or loss.

As part of Hydro Tasmania, we know that the reliability and robustness of power equipment relies on the assurance that plant is properly tested and ready for service. Entura’s electrical engineers and technicians specialise in installing, commissioning and testing secondary systems across the power sector.

Applying our experience to your new or refurbished assets ensures that the full functional performance of your asset design is realised through thorough appropriate testing. The close relationship between our commissioning team and our strong design team gives you timely advice on possible remedies to faults and other potential problems.

The range of services we offer allows us to maximise our effectiveness on your project by minimising interfaces and coordination of subcontractors.

Protection testing

High voltage testing

We offer commissioning and high voltage routine condition monitoring of HV primary plant, power generation and high voltage cables for voltage levels up to 220 kV. Our specialised onsite tests include:

Entura is NATA accredited for polyphase induction metering, voltage and current transformer calibration up to 220 kV. Our calibration and test services laboratory provides expert engineering services in the areas of:

Our test and calibration reports meet all industry standards and regulations and all traceability requirements. We guarantee that the test and reported results comply with AS17025 and other relevant Australian Standards. We also have a proven ability to respond to special customer requirements including the following:

High voltage earth system testing

SCADA and automation system testing

Our experience spans monitoring and control of hydropower stations, wind farms, electrical substations, gas stations, pump stations and water/waste water sites. We cover a variety of manufacturers’ equipment related to RTUs, PLCs, HMIs and associated communications equipment. Our services include:

Our Electrical Contractors License number is TAS- 1052448.