Power systems

To reap the cost savings and performance benefits of efficiently designed networks that operate effectively, you need power systems experts who fully understand how power networks behave under highly volatile or wide ranges of operation.

Entura delivers innovative solutions to resolve network performance and connection issues, overcome plant or network deficiencies to meet regulatory requirements, and optimise power systems for effective and efficient operation.

Our close working relationships with network service providers and manufacturers, along with our understanding of the developing and established technologies and their application to the power system, will enable you to achieve improved products and project outcomes.

Let us apply our proven depth of expertise and ingenuity to your network, as we have throughout the Asia-pacific region and Africa.

Drawing on a wide range of tools including PSSe, DigSilent PowerFactory, PSCAD, MUDPAK, Sincal and Matlab/Simulink, we can apply the right tool to the right job for the right outcomes.

Small electricity supply grids

As part of Hydro Tasmania, Australia’s largest renewable energy producer, operating the grids of King Island and Flinders Island has given us valuable insights into the demands of operating small grids effectively. We can help you minimise fuel costs, meet reliability requirements, and integrate diverse generating sources to add real efficiency to your operations while also improving power quality and robustness.

Medium and large electricity supply grids

Because we are part of Hydro Tasmania, the most geographically diverse generator in Australia, we understand systems.  Our intimate knowledge of Tasmania’s highly dynamic power system (with its changing generation patterns from seasonal wind and rain variation, and its added import and export capacity from the undersea interconnector, Basslink) gives us insights that we can share to allow your grid to develop and operate effectively into the future.

Regulatory support

Through working at all levels of the power sector, Entura is well placed to provide regulators with the necessary insights and technical perspective to effectively oversee the operation of power networks and markets – leading to more appropriate network rules, more effective monitoring and better customer outcomes.