For hydropower developments to be successful and sustainable, it’s vital to identify, understand and manage the potential risks at every stage of the hydropower lifecycle.

For more than a century, hydropower developments around the world have been growing and greening the world’s electricity supplies by generating clean, reliable and cost-effective power from rivers.  Hydropower is the largest single renewable electricity source today, providing 16 per cent of world electricity.

But hydropower developments, like all major power infrastructure, have their challenges – whether this is the potential for major cost increases due to unforeseen risks, or environmental impacts as a result of dam construction.

Entura’s intimate knowledge and understanding of all aspects of hydropower enables us to help our clients identify, understand and manage the full range of risks associated with hydropower developments at every stage, giving their projects the best outcomes.

As part of Hydro Tasmania, Australia’s largest renewable energy producer and water manager, Entura has been intimately involved in the planning, design, construction and ongoing operation and maintenance of the 30 hydro power stations, 55 major dams and 212 km of pipelines, tunnels and canals that make up Hydro Tasmania’s hydropower asset portfolio.

This real-world, hands-on experience has allowed us to develop a depth of expertise and unique insights. And that means that we can deliver practical and effective solutions for our clients across the full spectrum of hydropower development and operation, including:

Entura continues to build on this knowledge and experience, having worked with organisations in more than 30 countries over the past few decades – including India, Laos, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, South Africa and Tajikistan – to assist with developing, operating and maintaining hydropower assets of all sizes.

We deliver holistic engineering solutions for hydropower schemes, from ‘water to wire’, including the headworks, water conveyance system, power station and transmission.